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Our Intermec replacement batteries use original high-quality lithium-ion cells from Samsung, Panasonic and LG, each battery has been strictly inspected and passed a series of safety certifications such as HKSI, CE, UL, ROHS, ISO 9001/9002 , in line with international standards, 100% compatible with the original manufacturer's specifications, and can match the original battery in performance. We insist on being customer-centric, and we sell not only batteries, but also service and trust! We provide you with a 30-day return service and a one-year warranty.

INTERMEC Battery (Total:7)

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2400mAh/17.8WH 7.4V
€40.60 €58.00
In stock

Intermec CK60 CK61 700C 761

2400mah/17.3WH 7.2V
€31.00 €44.29
In stock

Intermec CK3 CK3X AB18 AB17

5.0Ah/18Wh 3.6V
€64.99 €92.84
In stock

Honeywell Intermec CN50 CN51 AB25 AB24 318-052-011

4600mAh 3.7V
€47.00 €67.14
In stock

Intermec CK70 CK71

3000mAh 3.7V-5.2Ah/18.2WH
€45.00 €64.29
In stock

Intermec CN70 Intermec CN70E Scanner

4000mAh/14.8wh 3.7V
€47.00 €67.14
In stock

Intermec 318-043-023

4000mah 3.7V
€47.00 €67.14

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WPOS2-A Replace Battery WISEASY WANG POS machine

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